Release Notes

The V1 of our API has a number of merits: it provides greater data detail per response giving developers more info per call. The V1 also features an encrypted account ID sent via URL for increased security. Additionally, this offering handles errors more smoothly, providing richer context through error codes and explanations.

We’ve released a robust, easy to navigate Swagger page providing better documentation for API external developers. Our new documentation page offers better coverage on fields, expanded functionality for increased shareability for collaboration, and an easier to navigate method of delivery. Through this format, external developers can better assess the API capabilities and field offerings before coding and refer to this guide as they develop their applications.

In addition to our V1 API and robust Swagger documentation, we’ve released a Python-based example app. This app will help you to understand how best to code with our API and give you a basis of how the endpoints and modules interact to help you create a number of different features for trading with your E*TRADE account. We plan to create a number of other example apps in different programming languages to provide guidance to a wider audience of external developers.